The Australian White’s Tree Frog

The Australian White’s Tree Frog is often seen on taps and faucets as it seeks out moisture and coolness. Often I get asked just how much of this piece is bronze, i.e., do I use real brass taps and just attach my frog to it? Well, incase you may be wondering, every element of my piece is hand worked and cast into bronze, even to the wire and the pure silver droplet.

When I was putting this piece together at the foundry, Jake (one of the craftsmen at the foundry who has fettled and worked with a lot of my pieces) suggested that I should leave the frog unattached to the rest of the piece. It was a brilliant idea, and now scores of people have enjoyed the experience of holding him in their hand.

Once, at a show, one mother was showing her children the frog, and her little boy reached out and touching him gently, gasped “It’s not real!”. That is probably the most rewarding experience for me, when people feel that, if I could breathe the final breath of life into my creations they would up and fly away.

Click an image to view at a larger size:

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