Duckling Splash – Bronze and Glass

A totally new direction for me – Cast Glass.  This is something that has fascinated Mum and me for a long time, something which we’ve wanted to do. But we didn’t know where to start. Somehow we came across the marvelous, the magnificent Di Tocker of DiCast Glass ( Her courses put us on our feet.  For her course in casting glass (my second course with her, after an awesome class on rubber molds), I cast the glass for this duckling.

His inspiration comes from our family kayak trips on the Rotorua Lakes. Touring around, the kayaks make little noise, and we often surprise the local wildlife.  The ducklings in particular are always weighing you up as you pass by, judging your distance. To close, and they dash for the cover of the reeds or any overhanging foliage, paddling so hard they almost are running on the water with their tiny webbed feet.

Click an image to bring up a larger version

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