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Concept Art For Falcon Bronze

Here are some Concept Sketches of possible poses and thoughts for my Falcon Bronze, which I am going to start very soon.

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Magazine Article on Whisper’s Creation

Here is a Article that recently appeared in Wingspan Magazine, about the conception and creation of “Whisper – The Morepork Fledgling” a new Limited Edition Bronze sculpture by Susan Brauchli, inspired by the real “Whisper” – a Morepork born and raised at Wingspan in Rotorua.

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Whisper Coming Soon

Watch this space! Photos are coming soon of the first edition of “Whisper”, the Little Morepork Fledgling, a Limited Edition Bronze by Susan Gloria Brauchli.


There’s a Dead Bird on my Doorstep

Many people who read the recent article in the Bay of Plenty Times about my daughter Talitha and her painting in the exhibition at Harrison’s Gallery  click here to read might wonder about the opening statement about the dead bird on the doorstep. Well here’s a little background.

People don’t send me flowers…They send me dead birds

One morning while still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I wandered into the kitchen for my wake up fix (a cup of tea). Beth my sixteen year old daughter who is always up with the birds was wrestling with her algebraic equations. She is the steady-eddy of the family, without lifting her gaze and looking steadily at those defiant integers she said “Hi mum, there’s a dead duck on our doorstep” Beth’s mind wandered back to the algebra but I was already at the door. Sure enough there was a beautiful dead duck just laying there multiple thoughts ran through my brain in quick succession. Humor fear and question – was this put here by some angry person – a message from the godfather? Nah, I pushed these aside with more fanciful thoughts – an artistic admirer wanting a commission? Then my mind wandered to the scene of a duck on the last legs of life flying exhausted up to our door dying with the one hope of being immortalized in bronze.

“Mr. M rang a few hours ago” said Beth bringing me back to reality “He said he found it on the side of the road in the early hours of the morning”

You may well ask how we got the reputation for such things.

Many years ago, we sent out a newsletter with a few funny stories about our artistic lives. This was one of the articles.

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A Day at Wingspan

Falconry at Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust in Rotorua

Choosing what to do for a birthday is a difficult matter. But not always. When my birthday rolled around last year, the family asked me, “What shall we do?”.

Well, I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

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Video of “Gathering” Tui on Flax

This a short video showing closeup of the Bronze of the “Tui on Flax ”